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A non-yaoi (so far) psychological thriller from Nitta Youka By Backlash67: A serial killer is on the loose!! Corpses of young women are being left suspended from high structures all over town. Close friends and former co-workers with the National Police Department, Kaname Otonashi & Yasuhide (a.k.a. Hide) Nagatsuma have teamed up once again. They’ll utilize Kaname’s unique sense of sound and both of theirs superior investigative skills to solve the current case. From the 1st intro page: He will hear it again, with his too sensitive eardrums concealed by inflamed earlobes beyond the limits of 20 Hz to 2000 Hz – a “sound” that shouldn’t exist. Youka Nitta challenges for the first time a serious horror mystery of beautiful men with an unprecedented number of opening pages in color here the curtain rises!! Track.0 part 1 – 3 (ongoing?): Auditory hypersensitivity




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